Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is what I have been for the past five months, when it comes to writing thank-you notes that is. It has been 5 months (exactly today!) since our wedding and I have yet to finish all of my thank-you's. Please don't judge me like all of the old ladies waiting on their notes are doing right now. I feel pretty bad that it has taken me this long to finish - I know everyone says you have a year but by the time the person gets their note I'm sure they will have forgotten that they even got me anything! So after worrying over those darn things for so long and being too lazy to do anything about them, I have made the decision that I WILL FINISH within the next two weeks, no matter how long I have to write! So far I have been pretty successful. I have written probably 70 thank-you notes in the past two days. After I write just a few more, force Josh to write a handful, and then address all of them (a huge task in itself!) I will be DONE! I'm feeling relief already! My reward for finishing - purchasing the new novel by Emily Giffin (in hardback!):
Woo hoo! Her books are soooo good and are perfect for just a fun book to read. I am looking forward to reading it during my beach trip coming up next weekend!

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  1. Shelley! Yay! We can be blog buddies!
    How are you and Josh? I hope you're well...