Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Have Crossed Over to the Other Side

I am now an official Mac user! Not too long ago Josh and I took the plunge and bought our long-awaited Macbook. Oh how I have enjoyed it! My last computer was a Dell laptop my Dad I was forced to buy for pharmacy school. I don't know what I did to it but after 4 years of pharmacy school and one year of pharmacy residency later, the computer was slower than a turtle! I would just not even bother turning it on to use it because it just wasn't worth waiting 5 minutes (literally!) for it to bring up the internet.
Here I am with this beautiful piece of technology:

I have to say that I was originally skeptical about getting a Mac, but now that I have one, I will never go back! One cool feature (of many): in order to download pictures to your computer, no need to locate your cord that connects your computer and camera. All you have to do is put your memory card in a little slot in the side of the computer. Love it!