Friday, May 7, 2010

Here Lately...

Josh and I have been out of town having fun with friends! A few weekends ago we traveled down to Auburn for A-Day. We went down on Friday night after work and met our friend Todd from pharmacy school and his wife Ally. Originally Josh had booked us a room at the Microtel, however the Microtel overbooked, so Expedia kindly paid the extra cost for us to stay at The Fountainview Mansion! Oddly enough, even though I spent 5 years of school in Auburn I didn't know about this place until my best friend Helen had her wedding reception there this past summer. It is beautiful! Courtesy of Ally, here is a picture of the front of the mansion:
The experience staying there was awesome! When Josh and I arrived Friday night the owner was outside waiting for us and helped us with our bags and showed us to our room. He was super nice. When we got to our room, there was a plate of homemade brownies waiting for us, as well as a plate of grapes and cheese, a chilled bottle of champagne, and a mini-fridge stocked with water and soft drinks - all complementary!! I was completely sold at this point. The next morning when I woke up I could smell bacon - it felt like I was at home! We ventured to the kitchen and were treated to a delicious homemade breakfast of ham, bacon, hashbrown casserole, fresh fruit, pancakes, and praline french toast. Nothing like your usual hotel experience! Then the owner took all of us on a "rooftop" tour, and told us all about how the house came about. It was actually originally built to be a family home for two physicians in the Auburn area but that didn't work out, so now it's a Bed and Breakfast. Here are Todd, Ally, Josh and I on the rooftop (try to ignore the squinty eyes - it was really bright!):

Last weekend Josh and I took a few extra days off from work and headed down to Panama City Beach with Ben and Katie to just relax and all get to spend some time together. We had such a good time and shared lots of laughs! Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great so I am still pretty pale, but we got to eat lots of good food! We went to Another Broken Egg Cafe for brunch, Captain Anderson's for dinner on Saturday night and then to The Red Bar on Sunday night! Both nights were also completed with desserts. It literally was food heaven! Katie took most of the photos throughout the weekend with her very special digital SLR camera that I can barely turn on, so I will try and borrow some pictures from her to post on here soon.  Here are a few that I captured with my good ole point and shoot.
Me and Katie on the pier at Captain Andersons
Josh and I at Red Bar
Katie and Ben
Josh and Ben acting goofy

We had such a great time with Katie and Ben and hope we can go to the beach with them again soon! More beach pictures to come! 

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  1. We made the blog! Ow ow! The Fountain View Mansion is AWESOME! Maybe one day I'll have an excuse to stay there. Yall got so lucky! I am going to put beach pics up soon!