Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, it has been a while since I have posted anything! I haven't made much time for blogging lately. It seems as though when I am at home I spend most of my time doing laundry, ironing, and cleaning. Does anyone else that owns a home feel overwhelmed at the vast amount of space that needs to be routinely cleaned? I sure do. Since moving out of my parent's house I have really only been responsible for cleaning one room - my room at my apartment or duplex - and sharing with roommates the cleaning responsibilites of the kitchen and living areas. Fast forward eight years to being married and owning your own home, and everything completely changes! And let's face it, if you know me well you know that I am really into having a routine, and I'm NOT good with change. Needless to say the extra bedrooms, bathroom, and living spaces I am now having to clean, plus double the laundry, has thrown me for a loop!

Slowly I am figuring out how to manage keeping our house clean. My most important cleaning helpers: the family of Swiffers. Honestly, I think I own them all - sweepers, sweeper-vac, dusters, and wet-jet mop. If you haven't tried the Swiffers, save yourself some hassle and go buy one! My favorite Swiffer product:

The Swiffer Sweeper Vac! This thing cleans my hardwood floors like a champ. It not only dusts the floors but also has a little battery-powered vacuum that sucks up dust, dirt, and hair, so you aren't just pushing it around like with other dusters. The battery lasts pretty long too. I would highly recommend this one if you have tile or wood floors.

My floors are not going to get cleaned this weekend though because Josh and I are headed to Auburn for A-Day! Josh is probably a little more excited about seeing our new team play than I am, but I am excited just to get to be in Auburn. It is such a fun and special school and town. Hopefully I can convince Josh to take me to eat here (my favorite place to eat in Auburn):

I will try and post pictures from the weekend soon!

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