Monday, February 8, 2010

Unexpected Guests

So, it's been over a month since my last post! Sorry, I have been busy with work, cleaning our house, and just life in general. I have got to get motivated. It seems like every day when I get home from work I just want to sit and do nothing, and I end up falling asleep laying on the couch the entire evening!

Now onto the title of my post. Josh and I went to his mom's house for lunch yesterday, where I learned some interesting (disturbing, really) information. When Josh and I leave for work in the morning, we will usually open most of the blinds in our house to let the natural light in and also so that our dogs can look out the window during the day while we are gone. Well, I found out yesterday that Josh's aunt and uncle dropped by unexpectedly at our house in the middle of the day not too long ago. Obviously, Josh and I wouldn't be there because we both had to work, but nevertheless, they came anyway. And when they got there, they proceeded to walk around our entire house and peek in every single window!! All the while taunting Mordecai (whom they like to call Duricell for some reason) who was following them around the house and barking the entire time. Poor Tully, he was stuck barking in the crate and couldn't do anything about it. The best part about the whole story is that the aunt and uncle then called Josh's mom and told her we needed to close our blinds! Seriously? The intruders relatives that peeked into every window of our house while we weren't home are tying to give us advice on how to keep people from doing just what they did! Oh the irony. It was funny at the time but now it is kind of starting to freak me out. Maybe I will start closing the blinds from now on!

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