Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

For those who didn't know, my 26th birthday was yesterday! A pretty uneventful age, I know, but birthdays are always fun. And with the invention of facebook comes tons of birthday wishes on your facebook wall - I love that! I am actually not very good at posting happy birthday messages for everyone else, so I probably need to get better at it if I want people to continue doing that for me. The day actually started off a little rocky, when I called my mom and she acted like it was just another day. I was thinking, "seriously? Am I in Sixteen Candles?" But soon enough she mentioned Valentine's Day being the day before and finally realized it was my birthday! The day got better though because my sweet co-wokers Dorothy and Jessica made me brownies and a birthday cake! And then after work it continued to get better.

When I got home from work yesterday, I was greeted by this:

Yea! Just what I wanted!!!
And with a cake from here:

Yea!! Also what I wanted!!
It definitely wasn't an extravagant birthday but the little things are what makes birthdays special to me!

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